About Us

Quick introduction of the team

“The Guy She Says Not to Worry About”

Ben Hansen

A big fan of Zelda, Ben loves feeling that every pixel within the game was put there for a reason. It gave an emotional connection to the game that others didn’t have. He wishes to create a game that can connect to players like Zelda one day.

“Willing to Take the Last Cookie. You’re Welcome.”

Randy Amundson

Randy enjoys the competitive aspects of games most. Those games that combine mastery and teamwork for success are his favorite. Specially those that capture the feeling of deep gratitude for a great group of teammates and friends.

Randy has spent too many hours playing League of Legends.

“Only Says ‘GG’ When he Loses. He is Still Waiting.”

Josh Peters

Josh has great memories playing video games with his friends when he was younger. Even now, he is really grateful to be able to stay in touch with his good friends over the years with games like Overwatch.